12 June 2015

Facebook just opened their analyzing tool for mobile development, primarily focusing on iOS and Android project, called Infer. As Facebook said, A tool to detect bugs in Android and iOS apps before they ship, Infer can analyze and detect much more implicit bugs in a mobile project before sending to users.

Because of its awesomeness, I’m curious and just spent some minutes to give a try.

Firstly, of course, Installing Infer, needs some terminal lines but that’s not difficult to geek. Infer is written by Ocaml by the way.

I checked with sample project provided by Facebook. Just go to directory contains that project

cd ios_hello/

then type in terminal

infer -- xcodebuild -target HelloWorldApp -configuration Debug -sdk iphonesimulator

So, Infer takes several minutes to analyze full project and when finish, it will show us some cool stuffs, about MEMORY LEAK, RESOURCE_LEAK, PARAMETER_NOT_NULL_CHECKED, NULL_DEREFERENCE, PREMATURE_NIL_TERMINATION_ARGUMENT and so on. Absolutely awesome!

alt text

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