23 May 2013

Almost CS students have known that Google is a giant leading innovation in today’s world. A plenty of its products brought extraordinary experience to human race in many aspects of life. It is possible to say that Google Search Engine has changed totally the way people looking for information. Besides this tool, there are a large number of products which have ability to persuade billions people all over the world to be addicted them.

In addition, Google has also produced many tech talk shows for several purposes such as training its staff, promoting its working style and even helping students who can access the Internet and download its video.

To begin with, you should subscribe this channel. It is official tube of Google Tech Talk and be updated daily. Next, you can browse any video which attracts you, maybe just by its title.

In this post, one of useful series is mentioned. This series is about coding method and is attached with a hot keyword clean code. It is here. There are many kinds of coding style that may help IT students from developing countries or even students of industrialized nations improve their style when generate code.

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