12 May 2013

Recently, I had been decided what kind of software industry field which should be followed. There were actually two choices, whether Big Data belongs to Data Mining techniques or Mobile Development is with creating a large number of awesome applications for the rest. I spent a plenty of time for choosing the best of those. Finally, in the next year, I will concentrate totally on building mobile applications and even mobile games based on iOS platform. It really is difficult thought because of interesting of the former. In this post, I am willing to show my path to iOS tunnel.

What about official tutorials from Apple?

Ahh, Nothing to say about them. Very very very amazing and extremely useful. We can find those at here. Please pay attention to the horizontal axis where describes standard road to combat almost challenges of mobile development. A frequent question is that What is the starting point?. It means that newbies doesn’t know where should begin. In App Design section, Apple suggests that developers should make clearly their ideas firstly, then make action plan that may consider many parts of creating application process such as Data Model, rough interface, type of devices: iPhone or iPad or both, version OS supported: 4 or later, 5 or later, 6 or later, so forth.

Main training resources

There is a fact that finding a valuable instruction is a hard task obviously. I usually question that what resource can be put our belief to pursue. As follows, I will list primary resources which I think they may helpful.


UI Design

Great great great book: Designing the iPhone User Experience A User-Centered Approach to Sketching and Prototyping iPhone Apps by SUZANNE GINSBURG. This book has been using in Design Course at CMU.

UI Pattern

Where to find Awesome UI?

Advance Techniques

Where can we get more precious knowledge and monetizing?

Source code and review apps with high income is here. For example, app InstaInspire is analyzed at here.


  • Mobile Advertising Dictionary

  • Some advertising approaches

    • Advertisement at the beginning or ending points. My experience is from running a cross-promotion network called AppFlood on Android. Banners ads are pointless… the CTR is too low. If you implement a full screen interstitial correctly (at the beginning or end of a game/app) we have seen seen CTRs as high as 45%. However, we are well above the industry average for these ads which typically run 3-8% on other networks. A lot of it depends on how you integrate the advertisement.

    • Full-page ads. Based on what I see on the InMobi network, as well as my conversations with developers, average CTRs for standard (50x300) banner ads look like this: Android: 0.50%, iPhone: 0.75%. CTRs tend to be higher for full-page interstitial ads, as well as for ads on tablets.

  • How to Write a Fantastic Mobile App Description

  • How to Use Social Media to Drive Demand for Your App

App Keywords

  • Sensor Tower. Get any app’s keywords. Just enter the app name and get its keywords. It also provides optimizing service for optimize app keyword.
  • App Store Optimization Tool. Providing tool for ASO. Free for 1 app and charge fee if want to use for more app.
  • Search Man. Another ASO tool, allow tracking app and keywords.
  • Appcodes. ASO tool, but require charging. No free!

Market Research

  • Xyo. Dividing popular apps into categories such as Keep up with news, Make friends, Game, Take photo, Find music, … Helpful for someone who want to see best app for a specific category.

App Evaluation

Great Advices from original documentation (or Great Knowledge)

  • Cocoa Design Patterns (included in Cocoa Fundamentals Guide) : list all patterns which are used in Cocoa framework. Must go through!

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