26 November 2013

By a chance, I reached Github Archive, a github statistic page.

alt text

Suddenly, I saw my project called HUChart was in Top New Repositories. It was really a surprise for me because that day was the first day my repo goes public. Although it received a little bit of stars, but I hope it will help someone and of course, will get more stars and forks.

alt text

See more at here


HUChart is a simple chart library for iOS to draw semi-circle chart for some cases which has a LITTLE SPACE to make a full circle chart. With this library, you can customize a semi circle chart (so-called half pie chart) to make a suitable chart for available space in device screen where has not enough space to draw a full circle chart.

You can see HUChart at here and below is some screenshots.

alt text

alt text

Thanks for reading!

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